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Model: DVS 304 DVI AD
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Tính năng:
• Inputs: Composite video on BNC; composite video, S-video, and component video on BNCs; S-video on 4-pin mini DIN; fully configurable input accepts all signal formats from composite video to HDTV component video and RGBHV on 15-pin HD; có SDI Serial Digital Interface - supports SMPTE 259M-C 270 Mbps standard
• Outputs: Scaled RGB or HD component video digital output on DVI-I, analog outputs on 15-pin HD and DVI-I
• RGB, HDTV, and video scaling — RGB computer-video, high definition video, and standard definition video sources can all be scaled to the desired output resolution.
• RGB upscaling and downscaling — The DVS 304 DVI features an advanced scaling engine with high quality upscaling and downscaling of high resolution computer-video signals.
• Selectable output rates from 640x480 to 1920x1200, including HDTV 1080p/60 — Available output rates include computer-video up to WUXGA, 480p, 576p, and HDTV rates at 720p, 1080i, and 1080p/60.
• Simultaneous DVI and analog RGB or HD component video outputs — Digital and analog outputs on DVI-I, and analog output on BNCs are provided for driving up to three display devices.
• EDID Minder® automatically manages EDID communication between connected devices — EDID Minder ensures that all sources power up properly and reliably output content for display.
• Auto Input Format Detection — Input four of the DVS 304 DVI can be set to detect the incoming signal format, automatically reconfiguring itself to provide the appropriate decoding and signal processing. This feature can reduce the number of required outputs for a matrix switcher, lowering system cost while improving manageability.
• Auto-switching between inputs — The DVS 304 DVI can automatically switch between input sources. With auto-switching, the DVS 304 DVI can also accommodate additional inputs when connected to the outputs of a larger presentation switcher, such as the MPS 112.
• Ethernet monitoring and control — Ethernet-enabled AV products, such as the DVS 304 DVI, can be managed and supported by a technician or administrator at any time from any authorized Web client. Ethernet control also enables the DVS 304 DVI to directly communicate with Extron Ethernet-enabled matrix switchers for faster, streamlined system operation.
• Auto-Image™ setup — For expedited presentation set-up, the DVS 304 DVI automatically optimizes the image by analyzing and then adjusting to the incoming source, eliminating complex and time-consuming set-up procedures.
• On-screen display — The DVS 304 DVI features an on-screen display which displays status information pertaining to the currently selected input, and facilitates easy adjustment of picture settings.
• On-screen input labels — An on-screen text label may be assigned to input four for each incoming signal. The label can be up to 16 characters and input via RS-232 or Ethernet. This feature is especially useful when identifying incoming signals from a matrix switcher.
• Audio switching and output volume control — The DVS 304 DVI A and DVS 304 DVI AD feature audio switching for four stereo balanced or unbalanced input sources. In addition to master volume control and muting, gain or attenuation can be adjusted for each input to eliminate noticeable differences when switching between sources.
• Audio input gain and attenuation
• Picture controls for brightness, contrast, color, tint, detail, and horizontal and vertical positioning, sizing, and zoom — Three memory presets are available for each input to store all image settings.
• Internal test patterns for calibration and setup — Three test patterns are available, including a crop pattern, color bars, and alternating pixels. A blue-only mode is provided for proper setup of video color and tint levels.
• PIP - picture-in-picture — A special PIP mode, activated through the RS-232 or Ethernet port, or IR remote control, allows a video source to be displayed within an RGB image, or vice versa. The PIP mode features adjustable window sizing and positioning.
• Aspect ratio control — The aspect ratio of the video output can be controlled by selecting a FILL mode, which provides a full screen output, or a FOLLOW mode, which preserves the original aspect ratio of the input signal.
• 3:2 NTSC and 2:2 PAL pulldown detection — Advanced film mode processing techniques help maximize image detail and sharpness for NTSC or PAL sources that originated from film.
• Quad standard video decoding — The DVS 304 DVI uses a digital, four-line adaptive comb filter to decode NTSC 3.58, NTSC 4.43, PAL, and SECAM for integration into systems worldwide.
• Optional IR 902 handheld IR remote control — The optional Extron IR 902 handheld remote control allows for input source switching, Image Freeze Control, and direct access to picture adjustments.
• RS-232 control port — Using serial commands, the DVS 304 DVI can be controlled and configured via the Extron Windows®-based control program, or integrated into a control system. Extron products use the SIS™ - Simple Instruction Set command protocol, a set of basic ASCII code commands that allow for quick and easy programming.
• Front panel security lockout — This feature locks out all front panel functions except for input selection; all functions however, are available through RS-232 control.
• Rack-mountable 1U metal enclosure — DVS 304 DVI AD are housed in a full rack width enclosure.
• Internal universal power supply — The 100-240 VAC, 50/60 Hz, international power supply provides worldwide power compatibility.
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