Montage Extreme
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Key Features
- Multiple database backup and automated recovery mechanism based on the MedialockTM technology make sure the recovery after a system disaster.
- Support for such recording media as Panasonic P2, Sony XDCAM, and Sony XDCAM EX for high-speed uploading of files as well as direct editing with transcode
- Supports simultaneous mixed editing of SD and HD clips of all formats on the timeline, needless of transcode or changing file format
- Realtime 2D/3D effects, speed-adjust play reverse play, color correction, chroma key, etc.
- Built-in title tools provide character shapes, effects and plenty of templates for title, subtitle, scroll and animation production
- Professional audio module offers plenty of effects such as 15/31 band EQ, reverberation, tone adjustment, speed adjustment, De-noise, De-click, etc.
- Application-Oriented Resource Management: database-based resource management provides independent videographer, video project teams and departments with powerful features such as  password protection, modification control and media management, guaranteeing your clip and work safety
  Multiple database backup and automated recovery mechanism based on the MedialockTM technology make sure that all your works and clips can be recovered even following a system crash
  Unique Favorites feature allows you to share and keep public clips
  Attached over 100 audio clips under 16 categories, various useful graphic clips (flags, weather animations, testing images and testing sound signals), in addition to hundreds of video, audio and transition effects
- Free import and export of clips, sequences and projects, allowing entire backup and cross-platform transfer of video programs
- Hybrid Editing Technology Makes Possible True Mixed Editing
- The built-in professional codec supports simultaneous mixed editing of SD and HD clips of all formats on the timeline, needless of transcode or changing file format
- CPU+GPU-based frame makes possible realtime SD and HD mixed editing and realtime up- and down-conversion Video system PAL NTSC 1080 50i/60i 720 50p/60p
  Video formats
      HD YUV Uncompressed, MPEG2 I frame, DVCPRO HD, XDCAM HD, HDV
      File formats:VFW AVI, OpenDML AVI, MXF, MOV, WMV, RM/RMVB, VCD, DVD
      Audio formats:PCM-WAV, MP3, WMA, AC3
      Graphics and animations: TGA, JPG, PNG, TIFF, GIF, SWF, FLC 
- Breaking Performance Bottleneck
  The unique SmartRenderTM technology enhances packaging speed considerably, 10 × speed maximally
  Performance is elevated as the PC platform is upgraded
  What You See Is What You Get operations
- Professional Log module, records the Scene-Shot info quickly on ingestion. Additional detailed log record feature is useful for subsequent cutting
- Automatic transition detection, can extract keyframes from input signals or disk files and divide the clips by transition automatically
- Multi-camera editing. The Virtual Switcher can perform roof cutting on multiple lines of video
- Clip trimming, helps with the accurate positioning of the cut point on editing
- Motion, adjusts the playing speed of video or audio clips based on Bessel curve. The tone is kept unchanged despite the speed change
- Virtual clip, can combine tracks of clips into a virtual clip, making possible the production of complicated effects. Transition effects can be made between virtual clips. Virtual clips can be nested for use
- Support for on-track/inter-track transition effects at the same time, satisfies different operating habits
FX Track and Key Track . You may produce a uniform effect adjustment and a global effect for several clips, or perform graphic key on the clips
- Integrated FTP transmission module allows remote interaction of any media file
- DVD ingest module supports direct acquisition of media files from DVD disk. DVD sound track and subtitle languages are selectable. Support for AC3-decoded surrounding sound
- Marvelous Visual Effect Processing
  Using the Hyper-ZTM technology break through the sequence limitation of image overlaying, and allows true rotation, zooming and displacing of video images in true 3D space
- 12Bit-accuracy auto white balance, chroma key keying, noise reduction, color spill and edge control in RGB space
- Basic and Selective Color Correction, provides finer mastery of colors
- Realtime 3D filter effects, perform anti-alias via the CPU+GPU engine and generation sharp edges
- Built-in Graphic and Animation Creation System, offers a massive accumulation of exquisite title templates from professional agencies, including templates of news titles, scrolls and subtitles, in addition to the one-key replacement feature
- Professional character shapes and effects. The six primitive modifications include Facet, Solid Edge, Shadow, Perimeter, Perimeter Solid Edge, and - Perimeter Shadow, along with more than 100 title effects and filters
- Integrated Audio Module: Integrated low-delay microphone input interface makes possible high quality sound recording
- The built-in Soundwork audio effect production software allows audio editing at the sample-point level. Also offers plenty of effects, such as 15/31 band EQ, reverberation, tone adjustment, time adjustment, De-noise, De-click, etc. Together with its support for third-party VST effects
- The built-in mixer is equipped with such features as Strip & Bus Assignment, Sound Level Control, MUTE, SOLO, Grouping, Listening, and SEND/RETURN, make you enjoying true experience of 5.1 surrounding sound production
- Offers a dubbing panel linked with the keyboard, allowing you to record professional voiceover via Punch In/Punch Out
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