Màn hình 17" Widescreen LCD Monitor - loại để bàn
Model: TLM-170H
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Front Panel
    - 17.3" (1600x900) LCD TFT Display
    - Source Selection buttons
    - Aspect ratio switch, Picture in Picture, Blue Only and Pattern buttons
    - Audio Level and Mute buttons
    - 3.5mm Headphone Jack
    - Bi-Colour Tally indicator (Off, Yellow, Red
    - Standby Power ON/OFF button
Rear Panel
   - 12V DC Power adaptor input (2.1mm) with screw locking thread
   - Main Power ON/OFF switch
   - Adjustable viewing angle (model dependant)
Video Inputs
   - HD-SDI /SD-SDI video BNC input with loop-through BNC output
   - 2x Standard HDMI inputs (Ver. 1.1)
   - 1x Component Y Pb Pr on BNC
   - 1x S-Video (Y/C) 4pin mini din connector
   - 2x Composite BNC inputs
   - PAL & NTSC auto switching
Audio Inputs
   - 4 x RCA sockets for analogue audio from Component, Y/C and Composite sources
   - Supports SD/HD-SDI embedded audio
   - Supports HDMI embedded audio (Ver.1.1)
   - Speaker cable output connections (L-, L+, R-, R+) Max 5v p - p (2w)
Menu Features
  - Monitor Underscan and Overscan mode selection
  - Adjustment of Brightness, Contrast, Saturation, Hue and Sharpness
  - Adjustable Colour Temperature setting (6500K, 7500K, 9300K and user defined)
  - Adjustable PIP source and placement settings
  - Internal and external speaker mute control
  - On-Screen Audio Level indicator
  - Selectable On-Screen overlay for center mark, 4:3, 16:9, Cinema Zone and Frame markers
  - On-Screen Time Code available when monitoring SD-SDI or HD-SDI signals
  - On-Screen Editable Monitor Title on Safe area
  - LCD Backlight adjustment
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