Máy phát kênh UHF có công suất phát 20KW
Model: 20KW UHF Transmitter
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20kW UHF/TV-analogue Transmitter series with dual exciter, combined vision/sound amplification and liquid cooled power amplifier.  Solid state in LDMOS technology, technical advantage for an upgrade to DVB-T broadcasting in the future, dual exciter with active exciter 
and liquid cooled power amplifier drawers.  
Type: SF IV/V 20000 UAc Frequency range: 470 – 860 MHz
Output power: 20000 W vision sync peak ( 20 kW )
The 20 kW UHF/TV-analogue transmitter consist of
One Exciter rack and two amplifier stage racks
Exciter rack include:
 One cabinet type B
 Two exciters 
 One switch over set (2-way coaxial switch, dummy load, cable)
 One central control Unit                                                     
 One meter panel, type                                                
 One 3dB coupler

Transmitter remote control system with SNMP-server and http-server type 730 WRC, Web remote control.
- Support up to the TCP/IP interface.
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