Four Input DVI Switcher
Model: SW4 DVI Plus
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 - Single link DVI-D switching
 - Stereo audio switching — Select models feature stereo audio switching, and accept unbalanced input signals and output balanced or unbalanced output signals.
 - Inputs: Two female DVI-I connectors for video; 3.5 mm stereo mini jacks for audio on select models
 - Outputs: One DVI-I female connector for video; captive screw connector for audio on select models
 - Supports computer-video to 1920x1200, including HDTV 1080p/60 and 2K
 - EDID Minder® automatically manages EDID communication between connected devices — EDID Minder ensures that all sources power up properly and reliably output content for display.
 - Selectable cable equalization for each input — Actively conditions incoming DVI signals to compensate for signal loss when using long DVI cables, low quality DVI cables, or source devices with poor DVI signal output. Equalization is independently selectable for each input via the front panel switches.
 - Retimes and reshapes marginal or noisy DVI signals — Eliminates noise and reduces jitter from marginal DVI sources, or passive DVI couplers or wallplates in the signal path, ensuring a strong, stable digital signal.
 - Source signal presence indication — LED indicators on the front panel provide real-time verification of signal presence for all inputs.
 - Auto-input switching — Automatically switches to the highest-numbered input with an active video signal.
 - Provides +5 VDC, 250 mA power on the DVI output for external peripheral devices
 - Active audio buffering — Converts unbalanced audio signals to balanced audio signals, eliminating noise over long cable runs.
 - Front panel security lockout — Prevents unauthorized use in non-secure environments. In lockout mode, a special button combination is required to operate the switcher from the front panel.
 - RS-232 control
 - IR remote control with optional IR 102 handheld IR remote
 - Rack-mountable, a half rack width enclosure.
 - Energy-efficient external universal power supply included, replacement part # 70-775-01 — Provides worldwide compatibility, low power consumption, and reduced operating costs.
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