Bộ giao tiếp âm thanh số 10x10 & tương tự 8x2 với kỹ xảo
Model: NRV10
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Đặt hàng trước 60 ngày

- High-quality 8 x 2 analog mixer with integral 10 x 10 24-bit/96kHz FireWire S 400 audio interface > powerful recording and performance system 
- 4 mono channels, 2 stereo channels (including 5 XLR mic inputs) > connect mics, guitars, synths and more 
- Integrated digital effects processor with 16 effects, plus variations, mute and peak LED > add effects without taxing your computer 
- Headphone output with flexible source assignment and DJ-style pre-listening > preview tracks before adding them to the main mix 
  - Includes the following list of digital effects: Echo, Echo & Reverb, Stereo Delay, Cathedra, Studio, Chorus, Chorus & Reverb, Hall, Rotary,
    Theater, Flanger, Flanger & Reverb, RoomTremolo, , Stage, Spring
   - Low-band EQ: 80Hz
   - Mid-band EQ: 2.5kHz
   - High-band EQ: 12kHz
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