Bộ Preamp & chuyển đổi A/D với 8 kênh và ADAT Lightpipe
Model: Octane
Giá bán: Call
Đặt hàng trước 60 ngày

8 channels, each including:
- microphone input (XLR)
- line input (1/4” TRS)*
- preamp out (1/4” TRS)*
- 3-segment LEDs
- 20dB pad
- phantom power with indicator (groups 1-4, 5-8) 
- 2 channels are mic/instr preamps (front-panel 1/4” TS) 
- ADAT Lightpipe output (TOSlink) 
- 24-bit audio resolution throughout selectable sample rate (44.1k and 48k) and external sync word clock I/O (75-ohm BNC) for synchronization to other digital devices line inputs are half-normalled as insert ins or standalone A/D 
- M-S matrix encoding on channels 7 & 8 with width control phase reverse switches on even channels low-cut filter on channel 1 (-12dB/oct @ 80Hz)
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