Microphone số nút áo không dây loại B chuyên dùng trong Studio
Model: WTT-8020
Giá bán: Call
Đặt hàng trước 30 ngày

Tính năng:
- Frequency response 15KHz/8KHz selectrd
- Built-in attenuation switch
- Microphone cases are high-impact, Aluminium die-casting
- License-Free Specifed radio microphone B type(in Japan)
Thông số kỹ thuật:
- Carrier frequency range            806.125 to 809.750MHz
- Class of emissions        G1D,G1E
- Rf power output           10mW/1mW selectable
- Oscillator         Crystal controlled PLL synthesizer
- Microphone Type         Condenser Lavalier microphone
- Tolerance of occupied bandwidth
                        1. 192kHz (Sampling frequency:32kHz)
                        2. 144kHz (Sampling frequency:32kHz)
                        3. 96kHz (Sampling frequency:16kHz) *1 ~3 selectable
- Error Vector Magnitude             Less than 10%
- Maximum input level     Mic :-21dBu
- Line:+24dBu
- Antenna type   Whip antenna
- Battery requirement     2 LR6 AA Alkaline
- Battery life       More than 6 hours
- Dimensions (W×H×D)   Approx. 63×88×17 mm
- Weight            Approx. 196g Including batterise
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