Bộ nhận tín hiệu quang cho tín hiệu Analog, SDI hay HD-SDI Video với 4-Channel Analog hay AES Audio Fiber Receiver
Model: 7707ADVR-HD
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Analog Video Output
  Standard         NTSC (SMPTE ST 170), PAL (ITU-R 624-2)
  Number of Outputs       2
  Connector        BNC per IEC 61169-8 Annex A
  System Bandwidth        > 5.5MHz
  Output Level    1V p-p (nominal), 2V p-p (maximum)
  Gain    Unity gain nominal, adjustable 50% to 150%
  Impedance      75Ω
  Return Loss     > 30dB to 5.5MHz
  SNR    > 70dB
  Differential Gain           < 1.0%
  Differential Phase         < 0.7°
  Pre-emphasis   Adjustable cable loss compensation for up to 250m of Belden 1694
  Passband Ripple
  NTSC  < ±0.1dB to 4.1MHz
            < ±0.2dB to 5.5MHz
  PAL     < ±0.1dB to 4.8MHz
            < ±0.2dB to 5.8MHz
  Chroma/Luma Gain       98% to 103%
  Chroma/Luma Delay
  NTSC  < 5ns
  PAL     < 12ns
  Line Time Distortion      1.2%
Serial Video Output
  Standard         SMPTE ST 259-C, 525 or 625 line components
  SMPTE ST 305 (SDTi), DVB-ASI (without separate audio), SMPTE ST 292-1 (HD)
  Number of Outputs       2 regenerated
  Connector        BNC per IEC 61169-8 Annex A
  Signal Level     800mV nominal
  DC Offset         0V ±0.5V
  Rise/Fall Time  900ps nominal @ 270Mb/s
  < 270ps @ 1.485Gb/s
  Overshoot        < 10% of amplitude
  Return Loss     > 15dB up to 1.485Gb/s
  Wideband Jitter            < 0.2UI
Analog Audio Output
  Number of Outputs       4
  Type   Balanced analog audio
  Connector        12-pin removable terminal block
  Impedance      66Ω
  Frequency Response     ±0.1dB, 20Hz to 20kHz
  THD    < 0.005%
  Channel Phase Differential         ±1°
  SNR (weighted)            > 85dB
  Output Level Adj.          -20dB to 3dB
  Maximum Level            24dBu into 10kΩ loads
  AES Audio Outputs
  Balanced         AES3-1992
  Unbalanced      SMPTE ST 276
  Other  Dolby® E compatible
  Number of Outputs       4 regenerated (selectable for balanced or unbalanced)
  Connector        12 pin terminal strip
  Return Loss     > 15dB, 1MHz to 6MHz
  Signal Level
  Balanced         2V p-p ±0.1V
  Unbalanced      1V p-p ±0.1V
  Resolution       Up to 24 bits
  Sampling Rate 32, 44.1, 48kHz
  Jitter   < 0.1UI
  Balanced         110Ω
  Unbalanced      75Ω
Optical Input
  Number of Inputs         1
  Connector        Female SC/PC, ST/PC, FC/PC
  Wavelength     1270nm to 1610nm
  Maximum Power          0dBm
  Optical Sensitivity         -23dBm
  High Standard Sensitivity           -28dBm
Voltage +12V DC
Power   13 Watts
EMI/RFI Complies with FCC Part 15, Class A, EU EMC Directive
Number of Slots 1
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